Honorary Secretary's Message

The aim of education at Maheshwari College is to develop higher competencies in students and inculcate moral values. A student who enters our institution comes out with academic excellence, developed personality, excellent communication skills, leadership qualities, self discipline. In a nutshell, the focus has been on creating versatile personalities to meet the requirements of the competitive environment. Offering multidimensional exposure to the students, the College empowers the students for a rewarding and fruitful career ahead.

Much is done and much more is proposed to be done as Maheshwari College marches ahead. Commitment to serve our students by providing quality education to all is one of the basic tenets on which our college stands. We ensure overall development of the students to bring out the professional qualities in them.As the stream of talent flows from this college to world, let us join hands to create and discover a new meaning of education. I extend my heartfelt wishes to you to achieve pinnacles of success and bring laurels to yourself, to the college and to the world.

Shri Kailsah Chand Ajmera
Honorary Secretary