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The purpose of MA education is to provide training in the theory and practice of Social management, Humanity & Skills . On the successful completion of the MA graduates will be able to:

Journalism, business, advertising, writing, research, NGOs, academics, policy analysis, Social audit,CSR, Social welfare officers, labour welfare officer, Indian Economic and Statistical Services,Administrative Services at Union or State Level, Urban and Regional Planner, counselor, banking and public relations Officers are just some of the careers that students can opt for, right after their post graduation.

1). Graduate in Economics and Statistics

  • Banking, Finance and Insurance Industry Jobs
  • Indian Economic and Statistical Services
  • Administrative Services at Union or State Level
  • Economic & Market Research
  • Capital Markets and Share Brokering.

2). Graduate in English Literature

  • Advertising, Authorship, KPO Firms
  • Faculty Member by undergoing further studies
  • Administrative Services at Union or State Level
  • Research & Scriptwriter

3). Geography

  • Cartography : Geographers who specialize in this make Maps, Charts, Globes and Models.
  • Survey : Geographers can specialize in Surveying, either by joining the survey of India or State Survey departments or Private organizations. Surveyors Map the surface of the Earth through Mathematical observations and field work.
  • Remote Sensing : Studies of quickly changing phenomena such as flood, Drought and Forest fire etc. Remote sensing satellites provide a variety of information about the earth’s surface.
  • Degree in Urban and Regional Planning : This involves planning, housing and development projects in terms of their location and utilization of space.
  • Demographer : A scientist who studies the growth and density of populations and their vital statistics.
  • Climatologist : Agencies like the National Weather Service, News media, the weather channel and other government entities occasionally need climatologist. Admittedly, these jobs usually go to those with meteorology degrees, a geographer with experience and vast coursework in meteorology and climatology would definitely be an asset.
  • Environmental Management : A plethora of environmental assessment, cleanup, and management companies exist throughout the world today. A geographer brings excellent skills for project management and the development of reports like environmental impact reports. It’s often a wide-open field with tremendous growth opportunities.


  • Governed by the Education Committee of Maheshwari Samaj.
  • Credibility of a Top Government University Degree – Affiliated to NAAC-UGC Accredited A+ University of Rajasthan.
  • Value-added Multi-disciplinary Competence Programs to enhance knowledge-skills-attitude set of students in addition to basic Curriculum.
  • It prepares students in developing entrepreneurial skills for creating and managing innovation, new business development and high-growth potential entity.
  • A flexible structure that allows you to explore and follow their interests.
  • Deep disciplinary understanding through theory and practical experiences.
  • Creating the top-notch, enlightened and empowered intellectuals commited to serv the society by becoming harbingers of change and development, while keeping abreast of the competitive global world yet preserving their rich cultural heritage.
  • Critical thinking and analytical capabilities through our Common Curriculum.
  • An understanding of India - its opportunities and challenges.
  • Living in a learning community of faculty and mentors committed to student well-being.
  • Holistic development of students by training in soft skills, computer skills and certificate courses.
  • The College programmes seek to provide an experience of not just academic learning but also of growing sensitivity and emotional maturing, sparking a life-long process of exploration.

4). Sociology
Sociology is the study of human social relationships and institutions. It is a subject that deals with global issues such as the environment and migration, as well as globalisation itself. Sociologists look at the world in a different way, and this is why it has remained a pioneering subject after hundreds of years. Students with a sociology degree can move into a wide variety of jobs such as.

  • Social welfare officers, prison welfare officers, labour welfare officers and provident fund officers & other govt. jobs.
  • CSR Managers, town planer and Community mobalizer officers.
  • Development organization such as NGO, NHRC, NACO, UNICEF, UNESCO,ILO,WHO,UNEP,UNDP & UNHRC.
  • Family Courts Counseling & Industrial Psychologist.
  • Social advocacy, social activist & leadership.
  • Cultural, Action & Market Research Analyst.
  • Administrative Services at Union or State Level.

COMMAN Field of Social Science Graduates

  • To pursue a career in Social sphere.
  • To advance your career.
  • To start your own business in development sector.
  • To gain the competitive edge in a competitive world
  • To enjoy greater job satisfaction and self satisfaction
  • To develop your personality as a whole.
  • Plenty of executive career option in Development Organizations for example NGO, UNICEF,UNESCO,NACO,UNDP,ILO etc.
  • To develop critical thinking of social changes of modern society. A good opportunities of social reform, policy analysis & leadership.


  • Personalized Career Assistance by a dedicated Corporate Relations Office with round-the-year operations, with specific mandate to assure the career/placement objectives of the students.
  • Develop leadership skills, creativity and entrepreneurship.
  • Project Appraisal & Project Report Preparation Support.
  • IAS, RAS coaching Classes by IAS, RAS & other subject Experts.
  • Cambridge classes for Excellent English communication skills.
  • Extra co-curricular Activities such as. Sports weeks, essay writing, workshops & Nukkad natak etc.
  • Mock test & interview
  • Field visit
  • WI-FI Campus
  • Rich library
  • Internship facilities with reputed Organiged.
  • To pursue a career in Social sphere.
  • To advance your career.
  • To start your own business in development sector.
  • To gain the competitive edge in a competitive world.
  • To enjoy greater job satisfaction and self satisfaction.
  • To develop your personality as a whole.


The Objective of the Masters of Arts is to provide students with an education in the humanities, social sciences and arts domain which is not limited to theoretical enquiry but is oriented towards application of these rich faculties to contemporary world scenarios and finding effective, sustainable and justifiable solutions to humanity. . It aims to provide the students with an innovative social skills, Knowledge and competence in a specialized/particular area of Social Science.

The Degree is designed so that a MA Graduate should be able to:

  • Postgraduate degree programmes aim to develop competent and committed professionals for the education, development and related sectors in India.
  • Demonstrate a detailed knowledge and understanding of selected fields of study in core disciplines in the, social sciences and humanities domain.
  • Apply critical and analytical skills & methods to the identification and resolution of problems within complex social sphere.
  • To develop global competencies amongst students.
  • To train graduates who are able do research, to teach and handle social responsibilities in private and public enterprises.
  • Develop leadership skills, creativity and entrepreneurship.
  • To promote and maintain academic excellence.
  • To promote the building up of character in youth by religion and ethics as an integral part of education.
  • To strive and seek to cater to the Global needs.