Maheshwari College Infrastructure


The Maheshwari Girls Hostel gives the care, protection and love which a girl always searchs with her mother. The hostel is adjacent to the college campus and has a seperate hostel office and messes within the hostel premises. The features of the hostel include:

Computer Lab

The labs are designed to give students a hands-on experience of the concept being taught during the lecture. They provide the environment to analyze all subject matter in a technically smart manner. Maheshwari College has a modern, eco-friendly, fully networked campus. It has state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, electronic access and communication resources. Each computer of computer lab is at least a Pentium IV multi OS, fully connected terminal.

Class Rooms

The Classrooms at Maheshwari College are inclusive classrooms where teachers and students work together to create and sustain an environment in which everyone feel safe, supported and encouraged to express her views and concerns. In these classrooms, the content is explicitly viewed from contemporary technology electronic gadgets LCD projectors, OHPs etc.

Art & Craft Room

The Art & Craft Room displays ingenuity of students in a plethora of art and craft forms such as Face Painting, Glass Painting, Rangoli, Posters and Embroidery. This zone offers a ground to impart entrepreneurial knowledge to start their own small scale business and leave the campus as job creator rather than job seeker.

Sports Room

The Sports and Cultural Complex is the perfect place for the students to take advantage of the wide range of indoor and outdoor sportingactivities. The College continues to build on its strength in various sports by laying emphasis on participation in sports for physical fitness.


The Library has a comprehensive collection of books that help the students to meet their informational needs and obtain assistance in assignments. Library includes photocopy facility and computers meant exclusively for students.


The Campus Center Cafeteria offers a variety of inexpensive food choices. The food of cafeteria has true taste in nature and food is more than just filling the stomach. At Maheshwari College Cafeteria, we choose fresh, seasonal and organic food of high quality.

Music & Dance Room

The Music & Dance Room provides a nuturing environment for students to engage in learning the finest performing arts. It is designed so as to induce understanding of different forms of music.

Geography lab

The Geography lab explains in greater depth the ideas and relationships of physical geography. It incorporates all the Concepts of Geography and stresses the scientific method in interpreting the Concepts. The Lab is a state-of-the-art lab used to teach GIS, cartography and remote sensing.