Bachelor of Science is an Undergraduate Academic Degree which is awarded for a course or program in Science. The duration of Bachelor of Science Degree spans over a period of 3 years. This course is designed to develop graduates with the key practical skills and interdisciplinary knowledge. The stream of Sciences strives to instill students with inquisitiveness, perseverance, and enthusiasm in the field of Science.

Each program within this stream has been designed to equip students with proficient skill sets to develop holistically and master the field through the guidance of esteemed faculty members. As this field is known to be dynamic and based on empirical experiments, students will follow a rigorous curriculum to imbibe the episteme at its optimum. Through this stream, students will be driven to meet and create beyond the field's expectations through a thoroughly administered facilitation of the craft.

Key Features

Eligibility for B.Sc. :- Students with 50% in H.S.C. examinations (10 + 2) from a recognized Education Board with Science stream can opt for Bachelor of Science.

B.Sc. course comprises of following compulsory and optional subjects:-

Four compulsory subjects are:-

  • General English
  • General Hindi
  • Elementary Computer
  • Environmental Studies
B.Sc. Biology:- (Choose any one Combination)

1. Botany Zoology Chemistry
2. Botany Zoology Geography
B.Sc. Maths:- (Choose any one Combination)

1. Mathematics Physics Chemistry
2. Mathematics Physics Economics
3. Mathematics Physics Statistics
3. Mathematics Statistics Economics

Department of Botany

The goal is to impart knowledge and training to equip interested individuals in plant sciences so as to make students understand ever changing concepts in the field and facilitate specialization in the front line areas for respective opportunities. The efforts are also being made to produce entrepreneurs for ventures in the selected fields of their advancements with global perspectives.

Department of Zoology

Zoology education involves the study of biology and genetics of animals including marine life, zoo animals, wildlife, domestic animals and even household pets. Zoology is a branch of biology that focuses on the structure, function, behavior, and evolution of animals. Zoology even goes a step further by studying species that have become extinct as well as speculative species meaning those that may or may not exist.

Department of Chemistry

It offers broad based programs with the aim of producing chemists with high professional competence in carrying out research of both basic and applied nature. The curriculum is rigorous in accord to international standards and covers theory and practical courses. The department is adequately equipped with the latest instruments known and required to carry out modern day chemistry experiments.

Department of Physics

The Department of Physics has continually been striving for excellence in teaching and research since the inception of the institute and has established itself as one of the reputed departments and there has been no looking back since then. The department today is an active beehive of research being carried out in a wide variety of frontier areas as well as high quality under-graduate programs. The research activities of the Department encompass practically all major sub-disciplines of Physics. The Department is well equipped with necessary facilities and experimental lab.

Department of Mathematics

The Department has a vibrant research atmosphere backed up by excellent infrastructural facilities, including modern computer laboratory and a good Departmental library. The basis of the course is typically structured around algebra and calculus. There one can specialize in topics such as codes and cryptography, fluid mechanics and even mathematical biology.

Department of Statistics

A degree in statistics helps you develop skills in finding patterns, drawing conclusions, dealing with abstract concepts, analyzing large quantities of data and approaching problems in an analytical and rigorous way. Many graduates apply the numerical skills gained to work within the financial sector, but there are a wide range of options for students who can process and analyze large data sets, solve problems with mathematical precision and make informed decisions through the interpretation of figures.

Department of Economics

Economics as a subject is offered in both the stream in Science and Arts. Economics is a social science that seeks to analyze and describe the production, distribution, and consumption of wealth. Economics, as a branch of Social Science is one of the strongest pillars of this institution where the economic reasoning has been increasingly applied relating it with the other social situations.

Department of Geography

Department of Geography is a unique discipline integrating subjects from Social Sciences, Sciences and Technology and unfolding the hidden relations of society in space. The Geography laboratory is one of the best and most well equipped laboratory furnished with world level Maps, Charts, Globes, models etc